Blink vs Arlo Comparison Review

Providing your home with a security camera is a guarantee of peace for your property. The market offers a huge selection of different solutions. This article will conduct a comparative analysis of the most popular options: Blink vs Arlo.

CCTV cameras are an effective security concern

With the advent of 4G (and soon 5G) mobile networks, the ability of ordinary consumers to stream video to their phones has revolutionized video surveillance. Large companies such as Amazon and Netgear have noticed this and are using their infrastructure and hardware knowledge to create a new generation of CCTV cameras that allow users to instantly view events or stream live footage from their cameras using their mobile devices.

A modern device for video monitoring is able to perform many functions, including remotely control the position of the lens, adjust the focus and turn on the IR backlight in low light. A standard surveillance camera can have different characteristics depending on:

  • type of connection (analog, digital, Wi-Fi);
  • places of installation and operating conditions (external and internal);
  • body type (dome, swivel, cylindrical and hidden).

Arlo or Blink?

These are two powerful devices that are very popular among users. In order to understand which of these options is best for you, let’s compare this equipment to the example of models Arlo Q and Blink XT2.

Arlo – an easy and reliable way to protect your home

Arlo Q is one of the best home security cameras at an affordable price, capable of capturing high-quality video, and has many features. The diamond-shaped body of Arlo Q looks stylish, but is used only indoors – it is not waterproof. The coverage of the camera is 130 degrees, and it shoots with a quality of 1080p / 30fps and is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT devices. There is cloud storage for video storage, but only 7 days for free, and for a longer period, the manufacturer charges $ 3 per month.

Setting up Arlo cameras is as easy as setting up a webcam, and their mobile platforms make it easy to install and configure. It has the next benefits:

  • Two-way audio
  • Monitoring areas can be defined
  • recognizes people, vehicles, packages, and animals (with subscription)
  • Integrated siren
  • Compatible with the IFTTT smart home platform
  • compatible with Alexa and HomeKit
  • Compatible with Arlo Solar Panel
  • good night vision mode in color
  • free cloud storage for 7 days

Blink XT2 – perfect Amazon release

Another option is Blink XT2. The XT2 IP camera runs on two AA batteries and provides wireless communication with a small base station connected to a Wi-Fi network. The XT2 case is protected from the weather, so it can be attached both inside and outside the building, and for quick installation, it is delivered with a convenient mounting bracket. The blink sync module features improved motion detection and 1080p video recording.

Although the video quality with 1080p resolution is not the best, it remains quite good for its price range. Cloud storage (up to 2 hours) is also provided for storage. Because Blink is owned by Amazon, it is able to connect to the Ring app, where you can view information about other incidents in your area and post videos from your Blink camera.

It has the following advantages:

  • free cloud storage
  • relatively long battery life
  • compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Compatible with Philips Hue via IFTTT
  • low price despite the necessary sync module
  • expandable with up to ten cameras if required