How to download free eBooks with Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime membership provides a lot of advantages to its customers. Most people are familiar with two-day delivery and Prime Video streaming, but that’s not all. Did you know that you also have access to a catalog of free e-books? This article will

What is Amazon Prime?

There are thousands of online libraries with millions of e-books on the Internet. Amazon Prime is a great alternative. It is a service that has more than 100 million users worldwide and provides access to music, video, free shipping, as well as Prime Day discounts, and a variety of other services and offers related to Amazon

Amazon Prime is a loyalty program that was launched in 2005 to increase daily website sales. It is explained by a whole set of benefits that are provided to paid members:

  • Free shipping within two days; day to day – from $ 5.99. Customers don’t have to wait long to try out a new purchase. This innovation also explains the expansion of consumer activity: thanks to fast delivery, people began to buy even everyday goods, groceries, hygiene products, and so on;
  • free subscriptions to Prime Instant Video, Prime Music, Prime Photos – entertainment services that are paid on other resources. Amazon pay licenses for the most popular movies and music to provide unlimited access to its paid program subscribers.
  • Early access to Amazon Lightning Deals and, Amazon’s record-breaking US discount sites. Early Access is an opportunity to take advantage of discounts half an hour earlier than regular users.
  • Free access to the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library – the largest library of literature from around the world. Initially, Amazon started out as a bookstore, gradually expanding its range of products.

Amazon has proven that paid subscriptions can work to reach a wider audience of shoppers through free or shareware services.

Amazon Prime – fast delivery service

Amazon pioneered a service that provides recurring orders to any online business. Despite the fact that sometimes delivery costs the company more than the cost of the goods, this service allowed the company to earn the reputation of the fastest and most affordable online store:

  • this technique allows you to close deals twice as fast as seasonal discounts;
  • more than 80% of Americans are ready to shop online only if this service is available;
  • over 75% of Americans find free shipping a more attractive bonus than fast shipping.

This method of attracting active buyers is old as the world, however, not all companies decide on such solutions, citing high operating costs. Amazon’s example has shown that daily sales volumes and broad audience reach more than cover travel costs.

How to download?

Amazon also has more than a dozen Amazon Books retail stores, Amazon First Reads selection, and a Kindle digital store where users of the brand’s devices can buy e-books and other Kindle content.

E-books have been around long before Amazon’s Kindle, but only they have been able to make it into a mass-market product. This tool for building customer loyalty has become a marketing phenomenon and has had a major impact on the entire publishing industry in America.

One of the innovations of Amazon is the technology of online ordering of books: the buyer enters the catalog, selects the source he likes, pays, and immediately starts reading. All the most famous online libraries work according to this scheme: Ozon, Litres, applications from Apple, and Andriod.